Digi Pesa

A Price Stable Cryptocurrency for Traders,Economies and Global Markets.

What is Digi Pesa?

Digi Pesa is a Price Stable Cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain.Just like a central bank,the Digi Pesa Smart Contract maintains its price relative to the US Dollar by expanding and contracting the supply of Digi Pesa Tokens.

Digi Pesa Use Cases

Traders Trading Pair

Digi Pesa will be less volatile and very ideal for traders.The volatility of Digi Pesa will be on an already established scale therefore predictable to traders in terms of when to buy and when to sell.

Developing Economies

Inflation in Developing Economies makes native currencies valueless.Citizens in such countries are left with no savings and reduced purchasing power for their government controlled legal tenders. Digi Pesa will be trusted – decentralized,price stable and therefore suitable to replace valueless fiat currencies as legal tender in developing economies.

Global Markets

Global markets need a trusted medium of exchange.One that is less price volatile,secure and fast.Digi Pesa will come handy to give retailers and merchants a digital currency that can be acceptable as an exchange unit for their goods and services.

Team & Advisors


Founder & CEO

Eng. Joshua Mutisya

Joshua is the founder and CEO of Digi Pesa. He holders a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering degree from Kenyatta University and currently pursuing a Master of Business Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the University of Nairobi.He has 11 years experience in computer programming and related project management.

He has worked for Cito Communications Ltd as Director of strategic innovation of solar powered electronic equipment. Joshua has been in the Cryptocurrency world since its discovery in 2009 and has participated in 3 Cryptocurrency Projects  as an advisor, is a member of Kenya Blockchain association that holds frequent blockchain forums aimed at exploring the opportunities in blockchain. He has a vast knowledge in Cryptocurrencies and the evolution of the blockchain. Through the White Papers, He has studied numerous Cryptocurrency architectures such as Basis, Carbon, Maker, DigixDao, Tether, Bitcoin and Ethereum. He frequently hosts blockchain talks to educate the masses and enthusiasts about the blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

Head of Finance

Joseph Munyao

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Finance and currently doing a PhD in finance in Kenyatta University. He has a wealth of experience in finance systems and economics both from corporate practice and lecturing at the university.

He has been involved in Financial Institutions such as the Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE) as a Research Expert and Consultant.


Malinzi Kwesiga

Malinzi holds a bachelor of law degree from Makerere University and a Masters in Law from the University of Nairobi.He has 15 years experience in arbitration and oaths. He is the CEO & Founder of  NDUNGUTSE MALINZI ASSOCIATES & Co. ADVOCATES & JURIS AUDIT CONSULT INTERNATIONAL and a legal associate at KWENGU & CO. ADVOCATES.

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