Last Week in Crypto

If you have been reading our brief every Monday and not buying bitcoin, even kidogo, we don’t know what to tell you. Especially if you were here when it was at $10K when we started this last September. The latest ATH* as we write is currently about $57,500. Let that sink in.

At this point, we are almost thinking about another crash, but we are not sure anymore. Having risen that fast in four months, $100K is no longer such a pipe dream. All the same, we are definitely not buying BTC right now. Always in it for the long-term.

We did buy Ethereum recently and it also hit a $2,000 ATH last week, but it took forever. There are (conspiracy) theories as to why this happened. Some claiming Binance intentionally stopped ETH withdrawals to curtail the price. However, CZ* gave a convincing argument on this

Again, I don’t know if you normally pay attention when we highlight a coin, but if you did last week and bought Binance’s BNB for the short-term, you would have walked away with like 200% gains. Aki. We wrote when it was around $130, now it is at $300s having hit an ATH of about $350 last week. Thus it is now number 3 on that crypto table.

As for Doge, we still think it is a joke. (We could be totally wrong too.) Elon sort of started disowning it juzi, so the price is stagnant at around $0.05. Apparently, the people who got barred from buying GameStop stocks on Robinhood protested by buying Dogecoin. As a result, there are claims that Robinhood holds the richest wallet of Dogecoin. We’re following the developments closely.

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For any other coin, especially BNB right now, choose Binance.

*ATH – All-time high
*CZ – Binance’s CEO

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