What is Bitcoin in Swahili?

Good morning! Did you do something nice for your dad yesterday? Or did someone do something nice for you yesterday for being a dad?

Happy new week!

No light in sight… yet

Bitcoin was above 40K for a bit last week, but it went back to 30s again. Some attributed the brief recovery to two things:

  • President Suluhu urged the Tanzanian “Benki Kuu” to learn about cryptocurrencies, indicating a positive attitude towards the same. Always interesting listening to something technical being described in that Tanzanian Swahili.
  • Elon Musk changed his stance on Bitcoin yet again and said that Tesla would accept Bitcoin for payment again if there was confirmation that greener measures were being taken in mining the crypto.

What else has been happening? 

  • All other major cryptos are maintaining the same downward trend.
  • The World Bank refused to help El Salvador with the legal tender move citing environmental and transparency shortcomings. 

As for this article: Bitcoin price can hit $450K in 2021, $135K is ‘worst-case scenario’ — PlanB, we don’t know, man. 

NSE overview

Stock to monitor closely: NCBA Bank

We have our eyes on…

Kune Food: Unless you live under a rock, you saw the hullabaloo on Twitter  that was caused by this article. TLDR; someone came over to Kenya from the France and “realized” there was no cheap good food readily available. And just like that they raised a bunch of funds to create Kune Food. Apparently it does not work correctly yet. We are definitely keeping our eyes on that.

So, back to Bitcoin in Swahili? Sarafu za kimtandao?

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